What Tools Are Needed To Start Making Jewelry?

Tronex Jewelry Making Tool Set

I want to begin this topic, “What Tools Are Needed to Start Making Jewelry,” by first stating that jewelry making is a very expensive hobby. You need a lot of supplies to just begin and the tools are the basics to delve into the the world of jewelry.

If you haven’t purchased any tools yet I would like to suggest to get a tool starter kit. The starter kits allows you to get a feel, test, and learn the basic techniques before purchasing an expensive set of tools. I began making jewelry with a very inexpensive set similar to the ones below.

Eventually, I upgraded to a set of Tronex jewelry making tools. Tronex jewelry tools are by far my favorite set with their overall superior performance. All Tronex tools are manufactured in the USA, come in stainless steel and with nice ergonomic cushion grips. The cost of a set of Tronex jewelry making tools will make you cringe, however it is worth the investment

Here is a list of all the essential jewelry making tools that I keep at my bench.

  1. Flat Nose Pliers – These are your go to pliers because they open and close jump rings, make chain and also very helpful with wire wrapping.
  2. Round Nose Pliers- The round nose pliers are necessary to make wire loops, and curves in wire.
  3. Wire Cutters – Required to cut wire. Some wire cutters can cut metal sheets.
  4. Chain Nose Pliers – Chain Nose Pliers are used for bending headpins, eyepins, opening and closing jump rings and making earring wire.
  5. Bent Nose Pliers- The bent nose pliers have a narrow nose making it easier to get into hard to reach areas without your hands getting in the way.