Hearts: The Universal Symbol of L.O.V.E

The first sign of a heart used to express love was in the 1250’s French manuscript, Roman de la poire, meaning “Romance of the Pearl,” by Thibault. The manuscript was about a young man who used his heart-shaped cone to express his love to his female lover.

Over many, many, many centuries the heart-shape has evolved to what it is today. The V base heart-shape is now the universal symbol to convey love to a romantic partner, child, mother, etc.

Heart-shapes have long been used as decorative pieces in homes and most notably in the jewelry industry to express love and affection. Heart-shaped jewelry will always be on trend no matter what, because of their timeless presence and how it represents our enduring love in these romantic relationships. Gifting heart-shaped jewelry to a romantic partner shows them that we are giving of our heart.

As I write this blog post, I am relating to Dolly Parton’s song, “Love is Like a Butterfly.” If you think about the lyrics in the song, they are so true, a heart can metamorphosis just like a butterfly. Emotions can transform very quickly within all of us. Our hearts can experience the feeling of sheer pain to happiness in the blink of an eye.

Heart charms and pendants come in a multitude of different styles from dainty to bold statement pieces. I’ve rounded up all the heart charms and pendants available for purchase on Elements of Antiquity in either the Antique Pewter, Artisan Verdigris or Rustic Patina metal collections.

All our metal collections are manufactured in the United States. The base metal of each piece is pewter-like, meaning it will never tarnish. The Artisan Verdigris and Rustic Patina metal collections come with a unique finish. However, you’re able to color the metal elements in the Antique Pewter with alcohol inks and then finish with a sealant.

  1. Artisan Verdigris Winged Heart Connector
  2. Rustic Patina Large Heart Pendant
  3. Artisan Verdigris Heart Charm
  4. Antique Pewter Heart Shield Pendant
  5. Artisan Verdigris Textured Heart Charm
  6. Artisan Verdigris Textured Heart Cross Charm
  7. Rustic Patina Textured Heart Charm
  8. Antique Pewter Heart Lock Charm
  9. Artisan Verdigris Heart Shield
  10. Antique Pewter Winged Heart Pendant
  11. Artisan Verdigris Heart Charm