11. October 2016 21:15
by suzette


11. October 2016 21:15 by suzette

Today, we are showing you how to make these fun Goldstone Spike Earrings on Elements of Antiquity!

NO jewelry tools required! Did I just say that?! Ahhh...

The only tools you will need are scissors and just maybe a pair of tweezers.

So go on now & head on over to our website for some jewelry making FUN!














18. April 2016 10:19
by suzette

DIY Colorful Cowrie Shell Earrings

18. April 2016 10:19 by suzette

One can not deny that I love color and the ocean, and pairing these two together is taking me coastal for the day! These earrings will be so fun to wear this summer at the beach or just running errands around town. I made the pair in less than an hour. We used our Aged Pewter Large Chandelier to create them but you could also use the Aged Pewter Medium Chandelier as well. I've included the supplies you'll need and the instructions below...

 Cowerie Shell Earrings



2 Aged Pewter Large Chandeliers or 2 Aged Pewter Medium Chandeliers

Colorful Hemp

2 Antique Silver ear wires

Natural Suede

2 Cowrie Shells

 E6000 Glue


1.) Measure out hemp and cut at about 40".

 2.) Dab a bit of E6000 glue at the top of the chandelier and place end of hemp on it. Let dry.

3.) Once the glue has dried start wrapping hemp around chandelier.

4.) Continue wrapping until the two ends meet again!

I wrapped over the piece that is glued so the pattern would be consistent in the design.

Add another dab of glue on back and press end of hemp into it. Let dry.

5.) Cut eight 6" pieces of natural suede.

6.) Run suede through each of the the loops at the bottom of the chandelier.

Finish with an overhand knot to secure in place.

7.) Cut suede at desired length.

I cut the ends of the suede on a slant as seen in picture above.

8.) Run a piece of suede through hole in the cowrie shell.

Attach shell to loop in middle of chandelier with a simple knot.

9.) Repeat these steps to make a complete pair of earrings.





19. March 2015 10:35
by suzette

Step by Step Tutorial for Gluing Stones in Bezels

19. March 2015 10:35 by suzette

Stones can be glued into our aged pewter decorative dagger pendant using E6000. The bezel fits a 10mm abalone bead nicely! 

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Work in a well ventilated area.

2. Clean out any debris in the bezel.

3. Place a little glue into the bezel.

4. Insert your stone.

5. Press down on the stone to make sure it's sitting in the bezel correctly.

29. December 2014 08:55
by suzette

Step by Step Multi-Strand Bracelet by My Girlish Whims

29. December 2014 08:55 by suzette

Rebecca of My Girlish Whims shares a step by step tutorial on how to make this fashionable multi-strand bracelet using our aged pewter beehive bead caps. On her blog she shares diy projects and tutorials with her readers so be sure to hop on over for some inspiration! Happy Monday, friends!

Click the image below to go to My Girlish Whims Blog

This image courtesy of My Girlish Whims

8. September 2014 09:23
by suzette

Step by Step Sweet Birdie Earring Tutorial

8. September 2014 09:23 by suzette

These simple earrings will take you from Fall to Spring in just 3 easy steps!


2 Nunn Design Branches

2 Aged Pewter Birdies

2 Vintaj Ear Wires

2 Nunn Design Antique Silver Jump Rings


Open/Close Jump Rings


Chain Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers


1. Open jump ring, run it through birdie & gold branch, close jump ring.

2. Open loop on ear wire, attach to the gold branch.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 to make other earring.


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